Prostethic Dentistry

The rehabilitation of the oral cavity, total or partial, thus requiring the replacement of one or more teeth, to include the two full arches. The Dental Marchetti adopting modern techniques to obtain the best possible results in terms of accuracy and durability of their work.

Often these restorations can be performed on natural teeth of patients who, still healthy from a point of view of the tissues that support them, are adopted as anchoring means for the execution of bridges, more or less extended and prosthetic crowns (those that were called improperly capsules) to restore the masticatory function and aesthetics.

The modern prosthetic dentistry, also makes use of osseointegrated implants, particular titanium screws, inserted in the maxillary or mandibular bone of the patient, to replace the roots of lost and then connecting them to prosthetic crowns, or prostheses that rehabilitate a full arch according to the needs specifications.

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